Root Canals

Our office is highly skilled in root canal treatments. We do many in our office, however some cases are better handled by a specialist. In this case, we refer to a trusted Endodontist. 

What To Expect During Your Visit

Before your treatment an assistant may take some preliminary x-rays. The doctor will numb the area of the tooth so you have a painless procedure. Once numb an opening is created to access the canals of the tooth. Molars have three canals, bicuspids two canals, and anterior teeth with only one canal. Next the nerve is removed, the canals are cleaned, then finally filled with a material that seals them to prevent another infection. Finally, a temporary filling is placed in the opening made to access the pulp. 

Once your root canal is complete, it’s recommended to put a crown on it to protect the tooth from further damage. See here for more information on dental crowns. 

What To Expect Post Root Canal

You may have some sensitivity and discomfort once the numbing medication has worn off. This can usually be treated with over the counter medications such as Advil and Tylenol. Cold compresses can also help.

If you are concerned about your post operative symptoms, contact the office that performed the treatment for further instruction.