Dental Hygiene & Routine Exams

Regular cleaning appointments and good at home oral health are recommended to maintain good dental hygiene. This helps prevent bad breath, decay, and other diseases such as gingivitis. Poor oral hygiene can sometimes lead to serious health problems, like heart attack and stroke.

It is important to remember that dental issues can occur even with regular visits and great at-home care. Routine exams allow your dentist to intervene and prevent problems from progressing.

Initial Exam

Please bring the following to your first appointment. 

  • Insurance Information: It is best to bring your card however if you don’t have it, please obtain the subscriber ID and group number. If you are not the subscriber, have their date of birth and social security number with you. Here are a list of insurance companies we are in network with.
  • Previous X-rays: It’s important to have any dental x-rays from the last three years. Some of the more detailed x-rays are only eligible once every 3-5 years, and are important to establish a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • List of Medications: It’s important to know any prescription or over the counter medications you are taking. We recommend writing them down beforehand and bringing them with you if you have a long list of medications. Please include the reason you are taking the medication and the dosage if possible.

An initial exam usually consists of a review of your medical history, appropriate x-rays to determine oral health, a cleaning and an exam with one of our doctors. All x-rays, cleanings, and exams are dependent on eligibility. During this exam you can point out any problem areas or discuss concerns. Your doctor will develop a treatment plan for you based on needed work, and upon checkout you can set your next appointment.

Routine Visits – Exam & Cleaning

Our routine visits are generally quick and provide a time for you to bring up any dental hygiene concerns to your doctor. Things you may want to bring up during your exam are areas of increased sensitivity, any chipped or broken fillings, or tooth pain. We recommend most patients have an exam and cleaning every six months, but some patients require visits every 3-4 months.